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Logotipi, Dekori ar LED apgaismoju vai bez. Logo no plastikāta, organiska stikla, metāla, putuplasta. Dažāda izmēra un formas.

AAA LAW LED logo Ceros.LV
Hartvik LEd logo Ceros.Lv
Geta LED logo Ceros.LV
LED logo kafe Aveņi Bauska Ceros.LV 2
Eleven Danir LED logo Ceros.lv
Decathlon Riga logo Ceros.lv
VNI logo Ceros.LV
LED Logo Balticom Ceros.LV
Mogo finance logo Ceros (1)
Adazu sakumskola logo Ceros.lv
Laiks logo Ceros (2)
TrustCapital LED logo Ceros.Lv
Laiks logo Ceros (1)
Ceļu Pārvalde LED logo Ceros.LV
Piktogramma LED logo Ceros.LV
Miandum logo Ceros.LV
Magnets LED logo Ceros.LV
MIM group LED logo Ceros.LV
LED Ceros.lv
Tiny Build LED logo Ceros.lv
Laiks logo spoguļis Ceros.LV
BYKO LAT logo Ceros.LV
Gridu magija logo koks neobond Ceros.LV
LED logo ar apgaismojumu Buvuzraugi.LV Imanta Riga Ceros.LV
HelloIT led logo Ceros.LV
LPF logo Plexiglas Kipsalas peldbaseins Riga Ceros.LV
River Breeze Residence LED logo Ceros LV
Magnetik Latvia Kuldīgas Biznesa Inkubators Putuplasta logotips Kuldiga Ceros.LV
Triveko logo no plastikata Riga Ceros.LV
Synotip logo no putuplasta Riga Ceros.LV
RegTek Plexiglas logo Jauna teika Riga Ceros.LV
Putuplasta logo Mulberry Riga Dzirnavu iela Ceros.LV
Putuplasta griešana Ventspili
Logo Riskfocus Cēsis plexiglas Ceros.LV
Логотип из оргстекла Яуна Тейка Рига Riskfocus Ceros.LV
Логотип из оргстекла Резекне Riskfocus Ceros.LV
LED logo Cravat group Ceros.LV
Latgales Druka LED logo Rezekne Ceros.LV
LionTech LED Logo Ceros.LV
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Darly LED logo Ceros.LV
Uz stikla LU Koledz plus acril Ceros.LV
Sushibars.lv logo iz orgstekla Ceros.LV
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Na stekle logo PMC Ceros.LV
logo Riskfocus Jauna Teika Riga Ceros.LV
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Uz stikla Plus&Plus Ceros.LV telpiski burti
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LED Logo Hyper X (2)
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Z500 logo acril Ceros.LV izgatvošana un uzstadīšana
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videoprojekts logo
Semarah Hotel jurmala, logo (20)
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Ame Pure LED logo (5)
3D LED sign Carameli Tokoda 3x1 (6)
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nomo logo no putuplasta (2)
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Rio Verti Jurmala
Logotipi Trentini (19)
Logotipi Trentini (25)
X Infotech LED logo (1)
LED Logotips AWIS Hvac (9)
Logo uz sienu Turkish
Uvet Logo
Logo uz sienu Venspils Digitalais centrs (5)
Arrow logo_org stikls (9)
Logotips ART8 (2)

We make logos and letters of complex and shape, for offices and houses:
  • With LED lighting
  • Made of aluminum, composite (Neobond, Alucobond) or plastic
  • LED backlight with dynamic effects - blinking, creeping line, smooth color change
  • Stainless steel letters

We make from various materials:
  • Wood . Environmentally friendly and safe material. For production, you can choose any type of wood, from pine to mahogany. The finished product is polished and painted partially or completely.
  • PVC plastic . Affordable and affordable material that lends itself to easy processing, so it can be used to make logos of various shapes.
  • Styrofoam . An inexpensive option for indoor advertising. Styrofoam looks neat and can be painted in any color scheme, depending on the company's corporate identity. Products made from this material are lightweight, which makes them comfortable and easy to install.
  • Acrylic . Acrylic signboards combine transparency, lightness, strength and durability. They can be made flat and three-dimensional in a variety of shades. Acrylic products can be equipped with additional lighting and create different light shades.

We carry out:
  • 3D Modeling on Photography
  • Design and approval in the state instances
  • Assembly and installation in all cities of Latvia, Baltic States, Northern Europe, Scandinavia
  • We will prepare a kit for installation on our own or for master builders

For order or information:
  • Please call: +371 22081629 or write to vk@ceros.lv.
  • +371 27491229, ak@ceros.lv.

On illuminated advertising

2 years warranty.

Up to 5 years additional warranty


Gaismas reklāma un
CNC Frēzēšanas darbi:

Tālrunis: (+371) 27491229

Email: ak@ceros.lv

3D Logotipus

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Magnētiskās stikla tāfeles

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Putuplasta griešana un
izstrādājumi no putoplasta:

Tālrunis: (+371) 22081629

Email: vk@ceros.lv

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Putuplasta burtu izgatavošana
un burtu noma:

Tālrunis: (+371) 25999327

Email: kristine@ceros.lv


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