CNC milling, sheet material cutting.

CNC milling and cutting works

CNC milling, sheet material cutting.

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The company offers milling services of various materials on a CNC machine, engraving and cutting of various levels of complexity and processing of parts.

In advertising, milling is used to create a variety of shapes and create original and unique advertising items and stands.

Areas where milling is most common are metal and woodworking, as the milling process ensures that a wide variety of objects and shapes can be made from these two materials, which can then be further processed to form various other objects, such as furniture or specific metal objects.

We are milling:

  • tree
  • metal
  • plexiglass
  • polycarbonate
  • technical plastic PVC
  • Aluminum
  • Particleboard (MDF and DSP)
  • Veneer, Plywood
  • acrylic
  • polystyrene
  • composite material
  • Stainless steel

This process allows you to create different shapes and different specific products from these materials, be it metal, wood or other materials. Often the shapes that are created during the milling process are very complex and can only be obtained by milling them.

Milling work is possible in the area of the machine: 3050 x 1520 mm

We offer:

  • milling;
  • Engraving:
    • Engraving of plexiglass, including for the production of acrylic - image transfer for plexiglass illumination from the side;
    • Plastic engraving, including a two-layer layer of one color overlaps a layer of another.
  • cutting materials;
  • Sheet cutting and cutting (including aluminum up to 3mm);

Order requirements:

  • Layout for complex details - vector graphics. .Cdr .pdf .ai;
  • format
  • Standard geometric shapes - drawings with exact dimensional indications;
  • Maximum workpiece size 3050 x 1520 mm;
  • Layout sketching is possible when negotiating.

To order a milling service, you need to fill in the order form or send a request to or call. 27491229, Alexander.

We perform delivery and assembly: in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other European countries.

Call, ask, consult - our specialists are always ready to help you solve your tasks!


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